Seventy Sixth Year Of India Future Ahead For One Year 2022-2023

Seventy Sixth Year Of India Future Ahead For One Year 2022-2023

India has entered seventy sixth year completed  seventy five  year with number of ups and down this year. Communal disturbance and  corruption  is the most important issue which was in limelight in India in 2021-to2022 in seventy fifth year of India. Now on 15-8-2022 this seventy fifth year will in memory lane in  minds of people of India. What is future of India when so much trouble Indian has suffered in seventy fifth year specially  by majority community of India. But future of India is very good under PM Narendra Modi in India and CM Yogi Adtiya Nath in UP .The rise of Sanathan Dharma  as the major sect of religion of India is sure in future.BJP will rule India for  twenty four year from 2015-2016 from Jeev Jupiter progression one of progressive Mahadasha of Bhrigu Astrology. India from its  foundation horoscope  progression mahadasha of venus in Bhrigu astrology will give rise to financial status as a super power from seventh progression it will ran from 2019-2020  to 2031-2032 for  twelfth year[this is also timing  for  religious disturbance in India ]



For predicting about seventy sixth  year we  are using Sudershan Chakra technique ,Varshphal for seventy sixth year and present running Vimshotari dasha in the  foundation horoscope of India

Sudershan Chakra:


[Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From Lagna :In running Sudershan Chakra form lagna seventy sixth year will reach to forth house with Leo sign is in progression.Leo sign is vacant and is not aspect by any planet. Forth house represent in mundane astrology land and crops, agriculture industry ,mines and mineral ,most important home ministry ,real estates ,throne of king, hotel industry ,schools and colleges ,earthquake and floods. Sun fourth lord in 3rd house conjunct with four planets venus,lagna and 6th lord,Saturn 9th and 10th lord, mercury 5th and2nd lord. Sun forth lord is forming high quality Rajyoga according to  Maharishi Parashar  in 3rd house of neighbor countries .There are  both positive and negative tendencies by posting of 4th lord in 3rd house .First home ministry should be very careful about domestic environment which will be going to remain  highly tensed in seventy sixth year in the  foundation horoscope of India. Forth lord in 3rd  house indicate Pakistan and China who flood India by terrorism specially infiltration of terrorist by Pakistan funded by China. Sun is participating in Paapkatri Yoga with lagna and 6th lord Venus in which Venus is sandwiched by Sun ahead and Saturn behind degree wise is not got condition for peaceful home environment for India in this running seventy sixth year.

From Moon Lagna:From Moon lagna seventy-sixth year will reach to 4th  house which is occupied by Libra sign and  natal Jupiter is posited in 4th house natal Moon lagna. See typical position of seventy forth year lord Venus badly hemmed between Sun ahead and Saturn behind. What does this indicate a bad time domestic environment .Communal disturbance will increase day by day between majority community and minority community .Majority will be totally protected under PM Narendra Modi the man with a vision. Sixth and ninth Jupiter in fourth house from Moon lagna  indicate some big news will in air like  passing of law on common civil code will cause of domestic unrest in India. Fourth lord venus is close conjunction with 5th lord Sun from Moon lagna and also 7th and 8th lord Saturn is near conjuction  with 4th lord Venus which is lord seventy –sixth year indicate high scale movement against corruption under PM Narendra Modi. ED will be very pro active to remove back money from Indian society.

From Sun :Same As Moon Lagna



Varshphal of seventy sixth year: In seventy sixth year in progression varshphal lagna coming  is cancer sign. Cancer sign in 3rd house of foundation horoscope of India. Third house indicate lot upheavals in neighbor countries like Pakistan,China,Bangladesh ,Srilanka. Third house is also the house of preaching. With most peculiar thing in this rising lagan in 76th Varshphal is opposition of Sun –Saturn  retro in one –seven axis .Also notice closeness  of Sun –Saturn retro opposition degree wise .This year will very stunning one .Sun is 2nd lord of finance  aspect by retro Saturn from 7th house which 7th and 8th lord. Mars 5th and 10th  lord aspect to second house what does this indicate ?All these combination of malefic aspect over 2nd house and 2nd lord Sun indicate strong policy of PM Narendra modi government to expose black money with the help of ED and CBI. Affliction to Venus 4th house of peace and domestic happiness also in one –seven axis afflicted  in sun –saturn retro opposition. A difficult time home minister Amit Shah for up keeping domestic peace in India seems to be difficult. Lagna lord Moon in 9th house conjunct with retro Jupiter indicating good role of judiciary in improving freebies politics in India .Courts will also give good decision on other matter regarding to Krishna Janam Bhumi and Gyan Vaapi dispute Muntha in second house conjunct with mercury a benefic and aspect of Yogkarka Mars on muntha  indicate increase of Forex Reserve of India .Very good year for financial ministry  of India. Twelfth lord mercury in 2nd conjunct with muntha indicate incoming of FDI in India. Indian government under PM Narendra Modi will take very positive steps in improving the financial condition of India.

Important Points Of Varshphal:

1]Year lord Jupiter is retro in 9th house in own house conjunct with moon indicate increase  the Sanatan Dharma philosophy in India. Its glory will increase the boundary of India.

2]Muntha is in leo sign conjunct with 3rd and 12th mercury aspect by 5th and 10th lord Mars from 11th indicate PM Narendra Modi will attract large number of foreign investor form world which will increase the Forex Resrve and FDI in INDIA. Muntha lord Sun afflicted by Saturn retro form 7th house indicate tough fight from opposition parties of India to PM Narendra Modi.

3]Varsh lagna Pati Is Moon :Varsh lagna pati moon in 9th house conjunct with retro own house Jupiter indicate high ideals will prevail in India or rise of Sanatan Dharm value in people of majority community of India

Running vimshotari mahadasha and anter  and its super imposition  on seventy sixth year varshphal.

Moon -Mercury from 5-7-2021 to4-12-2022



Mahadasha of Moon in good in running Varshphal  with Moon Mahadasha lord is forming Gajkesari Yoga in 9th house of religion .Jupiter own house will promote good value and unity in Sanatan Dharmi living India . It will reunite all majority people under PM Narendra Modi government in centre But this moon is afflicted in d-9 navamsha  of 76th year Varshphal in four –ten axis.

Anter of mercury :Anter lord mercury which run from 15-8-2022 to 4-12-2022 is posited in second house of money as 3rd and 12th indicate coming of lot FDI in this period. Moreover india will help financially Bangladesh and Nepal from clutches of China .Mercury is 10th lord of d-9 progression navamsha chart and is well placed as 10th lord in 11th  house of gain in Rahu -Ketu axis indicate rise of Indian economy.

Coming Anter Of Ketu Which Will Run From 4-12-2022 To 5-7-2023

Ketu pratyaanter Dasha lord is posited in 4th house aspect by retro Saturn retro 7th and 8th lord indicate opposition of PM Narendra Modi will create  lot of trouble to him  in day to day working .Ketu in 4th house and its sign despositor Venus is badly afflicted in  lagna indicate home or domestic environment    for working of home ministry will be very difficult. Venus 4th lord sign despositor of natal Ketu in afflicted in one –seven axis between Sun and Saturn retro opposition.

Ketu in d-9 navamsha chart is posited in 5th house in sign of mars posited in 2nd house of finance and aspect of mercury 10th lord from 11th house of gain indicate rise of Indian economy despite of internal disturbance.


Saturn in Capricorn in 9th house in the  foundation horoscope of India retro today 13-8-2022 will be direct on 23-10-2022 will enter Aquarius on 23-1-2023 again will promote Sanatam Dharma or majority community united under PM Narendra Modi .Rise of communal disturbance  needs to be  watchful in 76th year of India in transit of Saturn in Capricorn sign to Aquarius sign from 23-1-2023 onwards.

Jupiter will remain full time in 11th house Pisces sign  will give rise of economy of India