Ukraine –Russia war has been started on 24-2-2022 has no way  heading towards end .This war has change scenario of world order. With the entry of Saturn in Aquarius sign  on 29-4-2023 the war between Russia and Ukraine has been slows down but  retrogression of Saturn from 5-6-2022 and its entry in Capricorn sign on 12-7-2022 has change the  scenario of aggression of war .Whole world  politics has been changing due to  this war between Russia and Ukraine .Economic  recession is looming worldwide due to this war. Mars the planet of violence will in retrogression on 30-10-2022 to 13-1-2023 will ignite the war aggression of  Russia towards Ukraine.? What will be the impact of retrogression of mars in  Gemini-tarsus sign  conjunction point from 31-10-2022 to13-1-2023 will assessed from the  horoscope of Russia ,President Vladimir Putin ,America, President Joe Biden of America ,Ukraine ,China,Pakistan.


Russia aggression has been started on 24-2-2022 against Ukraine will to join NATO .Russia has Virgo lagna and lagna lord Mercury posited in 9th house  with 12th lord Sun with Shubhkatari around it with Jupiter  in 2nd house from mercury and venus in 12th house from mercury .This factor will encourage Russia to sustain so long in war against Ukraine .If there has been malefic influence over lagna and mercury Russia cannot sustain so long on war front against Ukraine .In future till Saturn will enter Aquarius sign on 23-1-2022 there is no way the war will slow down by Russia side against Ukraine .Now mars will retrograde in transit in  Gemini in 10th house of foundation horoscope of Russia over natal Jupiter. From here natal mars 3rd and 8th lord  will aspect transit Mars from 7th house of open war .This war will go violent more and more causalities will take in both side of Russia and Ukraine .Since natal mars is 8th and 3rd lord so big decision will be taken by Russia to prolong war in winter also on 2023.This will cost dearly Russia because sign depositor of transit Mars is Mercury which posited 9th house conjunct with 12th lord of expenditure Sun is  in 9th  house .Transit Mars will enter on 13-11-2022 in Taurus  on natal Mercury and 12th lord Sun. Over natal Mercury and sign depositor of transit Mars is Venus in 8th house is not good for Russia . It shows lot of causality and loss of Russian soldier in  war against Ukraine .Since sign depositor of Taurus  sign is benefice it will also avert much trouble to Russia. But transit Mars over natal Mercury conjunct with 12th lord Sun will provide ignition of fresh violence of  fire power of Russian military against Ukraine  till Mars is over Taurus  sign in 9th house. Russia aggression will not slow down due starting of Rahu-Mars from 26-1-2023 to13-2-2024 in Vimshotari Mahadasha –anter scheme in the  foundation horoscope of Russia.


President Vladimir Putin: President Vladimir Putin has been unsolved puzzle for western world due to resistance president Vladimir Putin is providing to western world. He is main figure  in  Ukraine- Russia war. President Vladimir putin has got  Scorpio lagna with lagna lord  posited in 2nd house. Mars in retrogression on30-10-2022 to 13-1-2023 will transit Gemini –Taurus   sign .Mars will retrograde on 30-10-2022 in Gemini in 8th house. In eighth  house retro Mars in transit will be aspect by natal Mars from second house. Natal  Mars aspect on transit Mars will ignite the war thirstiness of President Vladimir Putin will rose to next level against Ukraine and western world. When ever natal mars will aspect transit Saturn ,Jupiter and   Mars in transit will ignite the violence ,terrorism, fights and war between nation in mundane astrology from Bhrigu view point. Sign depositor of transit Mars is Mercury is twelfth house with natal Venus in not good. But at the same time it is producing Vipreet Rajyoga for President Vladimir Putin. Natal Saturn also aspect transit Mars in retrogression from 30-10-2022 to 13-1-2023 will produce considerable good result for president Vladimir Putin  in taking big action in war against Ukraine and western world. Natal Saturn is aspect to transit Mars from 11th house of gain as 3rd and 4th lord conjunct with 10th lord Sun in 11th house .Transit Mars will change sign from Gemini to Taurus  where It will enter 7th house in transit. Here transit Mars in retrogression will on natal exalted Moon which is  9th lord of luck. This is good transit for president Vladimir Putin .His transit Mars will be get activated by natal Moon 9th lord of luck. So what ever decision he will take will benefit his country Russia in war against Ukraine .Sign depositor  of transit Mars in Taurus  sign is Venus posited in 12th house with 8th and 11th lord of gain mercury in 12th house of foreign countries .President will gain in whatever move he will take against western countries and Ukraine to safeguard Russia.   


Ukraine: Ukraine has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord Saturn retro conjunct  with 7th lord Moon in lagna .Saturn retro entered Capricorn on 12- 7-2022  in lagna of Ukraine over natal retro Saturn and Moon 7th lord .The war between Russia and Ukraine turn more aggressive as Saturn retro in transit have activated the war combination of Ukraine which were formed by 7th lord of open war Moon conjunct with retro Saturn in lagna .Where will this war will lead to when mars in transit will get in retrogression on 30-10-2022 in Gemini sign and will enter Taurus  sign and will remain retrograde there  upto 13-1-2023 will create lot of trouble for Ukraine from Russia. Mars will retrograde on 30-10-2023in Gemini sign   in 6th house over natal Rahu-Ketu axis . Sixth house itself represent war . Vimshotari  mahadasha-anter-pratyaanter at present running in the  horoscope of Ukraine is Jupiter-Venus-Rahu from 17-7-2022 to 10-12-2022.Natal Rahu will activate transit Mars in 6th house of war from 30-10-2022 in retrogression from 7th aspect from 12th house. So 12th house signification of Rahu will be transfer into transit Mars in retrogression in 6th house which indicate loss of life and money of Ukraine in war against Russia. Sign despositor of retro Mars from 30-10-2022 to14-11-2022 will be in 8th house with Sun,Venus and retro Mercury itself and Jupiter indicate lot of help which Ukraine will get from western world in war against Russia .Mars in retro motion will enter Taurus  sign on 14-1-2022 in 5th house where it will not aspect by any natal planet. Sign depositor of transit retro mars is venus is in 8th house of secrecy conjunct  with Jupiter,Mercury retro Sun  .These planetary combination indicate lot of help from western countries but its defeat from Russia  indicate loss of life and money which is represented by 8th house.

America :Without American backing Ukraine cannot fight for a single day in war against Russia .America is providing every support to Ukraine in war against Russia .Let us  see what foundation horoscope of America tells us about its support to Ukraine in war against Russia in transit of retro mars in Gemini-Taurus  sign .Whether America’s  horoscope is fully compatible  against  its main enemy Russia ?or Whether America;s  help  will help Ukraine to win this war? It will be analyzed  from the  foundation horoscope of America:


America has got Leo lagna with lagna lord Sun in 11th house of gain conjunct with Venus ,Jupiter ,Mars and aspect of Saturn from 2nd house make it a very creative horoscope .At present in the  horoscope of America vimshotri  mahadasha-anter of Rahu-jupiter  28-6-2021 to21-11-2023 will help America to win a war by backing Ukraine against Russia. It is due to reason its main enemy is not Russia but it is China.

Mars in retrograding from 30-10-2021 to 13-1-2023 where will it will leads to America in backing Ukraine in  war against Russia .Mars will retro in Gemini sign on 30-10-2022  to13-11-2023 on four planets ,Sun lagna lord,Venus 10th +3rd lord,Mars 4th and 9th lord Jupiter 5th and 8th lord with aspect of Saturn 6th +7th lord .Mars in retrogression will retro on 1degree 26min exactly on natal mars which 00:26 min. What does this indicate retro mars in transit will be activated  by signification of natal Mars which represent violence .terrorism. War like condition ,aggression in general public of America.But this is eleventh house and natal mars here is Yogkarka fo America so it will gain immensely by sale of heavy weapons to different countries of world .Mars also represent weapons in mundane astrology. But overall condition of retro mars in retrogression from 30-10-2022 to 13-1-2022 will give gain to America in different front may it be supplying weapons to Ukraine in war against Russia. On Taiwan front against China it will fully back Taiwan against China. When mars in transit   in retro enter Taurus  sign in 10th house .Here it will disturb the president office or in another words president Joe Biden will face rough time. But overall he will gain due to position of sign despositor Venus of transit retro Mars is in 11th house of gain forming Rajyoga of gain for America .Its currency dollar will all time high against other currency in world. But main gain will get by the sale of weapons to different countries of world.  Mars is forming retrogression in 4th house from natal Moon lagna which represent bloodshed  in firefighting on gun point by youngster of America


President Joe Biden :President Joe Biden has got Scorpio  lagna  with  lagna lord in 12th house conjunct with 7th and 12th lord Venus .Lagna has got Sun 10th  lord conjunct  with mercury 8th and 11th lord aspect retro Saturn 3rd    and 4th lord from 7th house. Mars in retrogression in transit in 8th house in Gemini sign and sign depositor  is mercury is forming vipreet Rajyoga in 12th with lagna lord Mars. This is tough time for President Joe Biden in international politics to support Ukraine against Russia and Taiwan against China. Since sign despositor of transit Mars is natal  Mercury conjunct with lagna and  6th lord natal Mars in 12th house shows problem and obstacles in international politics against his miscalculated decision over Ukraine and Taiwan .For cross reference see vimshotari dasha of Saturn-Saturn-Saturn starting  from 21-9-2022 to14-3-2023 is sensitive due affliction to Saturn retro in birth chart and d-9 navamsha chart by Mars from sixth house .He[president Joe Biden] should take care of his health .When retro Mars in transit enter on 14-11-2022 in 7th house primary markesh house of birth chart of president  Joe Biden. It will provide bad health and difficult will arise in his profession in this transit of retro  Mars  from 14-1-2022 to 13-1-2023 over natal retro Saturn in 7th   house which is opposed by Sun and Venus from lagna in one –seven axis of  his horoscope .


China:China –Taiwan opposition is in full swing by visit of American  speaker Nancy Pelosi  on 3-8-2022 .His visit has aggregated China in very bad mood against Taiwan and surrounded by sixth side in south China sea. Mars is retro motion will transit in Gemini sign in retro motion on 30-10-2022 in 6th house in sign of mercury aspect by Jupiter from 12th house .But sees Sign depositor of transit Mars is natal Mercury which retro combust in 9th house with natal Ketu ahead and  Sun behind degree wise creating a typical Paapkatri Yoga .With this Saturn in 12th house from  natal Mercury is not good. This is very tough time for China either  China may engaged with small conflict with India on LAC or it will engaged  with Taiwan in south China sea. Retro  Mars will change sign from Gemini to Taurus  on 14-11-2022 and will remain there  upto 13-1-2023 in transit .In Taurus  it will be aspect by direct aspect from natal Saturn from 8th house of secrecy ,trouble, obstacles .Saturn is lagna lord and 2nd lord of finance or baking sector. We have seeing that general public of china  is revolting against public sector banks who are on verge of bankruptcy due to fall down of ever grand like big land developer of China. Sign depositor of transit retro mars is Venus is posited in 10th house also aspect by this Saturn from 8th of trouble ,obstacle ,secret plotting[spying ] against different countries will result in transit of Mars.


Pakistan :Pakistan is on verge of collapse due to financial bankruptcy .It has been not released form FATF grey list.IMF is also not ready to contribute loan to Pakistan which is its only hope for survival from financial   downfall. Mars in transit will retro on 30-10-2022 this retro motion it will change sign from Gemini to Taurus  on 14-11-2022.In Gemini sign it will in  3rd house over natal Moon 4th lord +Mars lagna and 8th lord. Mars in retro motion in transit Mars ,Moon combination and natal Mercury sign depositor of transit retro Mars. What does this indicate ?There  will lot of hustle and flexing of muscle by Pakistan on border of India. Infiltration of terrorist’s from Pakistan  in whole of India will be possible in this transit of retro Mars in 3rd house in foundation horoscope of Pakistan. When retro will enter 2nd house in Taurus  sign it will create infiltration and financial crunch in Pakistan which shift in form of financial crises like Srilanka. This very tough time for Pakistan when Mars will retro in transit in sign Gemini and  Taurus  from 30-10-2022  to 13-1-2023