Coming Assembly Election In The  State Of Gujarat And Himachal Pradesh-2022

Coming Assembly Election In The  State Of Gujarat And Himachal Pradesh-2022

Election commission of India has announced assembly election in Himachal Pradesh on 12- Nov.- 2022and Gujarat on . .These elections  are test  for BJP as both these states has been held by BJP in present  ..We will discuss the horoscope of BJP ,Congress-I and AAP Parties  who main contender to fight in these states.

Horoscope of bjp DOB:6-4-1980,TOB:11-45,POB:DELHI,INDIA

BJP   : BJP has Gemini lagna with lagna lord Mercury posited in 9th house in Nakshtra of P.Bhadra of 10th lord Jupiter.There  is  Gajkesari  Yoga in the  horoscope of BJP with Moon debilitated in 6th house with Jupiter retro  in 3rd house  with retro Mars, retro Saturn , Rahu.

For timing event whether BJP will win in  Gujarat and Himachal assembly election of 2022 we have to  see Vimshotari Mahadasha-Anter-Pratyaanter dasha in  the horoscope of  BJP

BJP  is running Moon-Saturn-Mercury from 18-10-2022 to 18-1-2023

Moon Mahadasha lord is 2nd lord debilitated in 6th house. Debilitated  planets are good in 3,6,8 house. Moon mahadasha lord is 9th from  Moon lagna.Mars sign lord of Moon is aspect  to Moon mahadasha lord thus cancelling its debilitation .Mars is also in Kendra from Moon sign. Venus 5th and 12th lord aspect from 12th house and 10th lord of Dashmansha d-10 chart .In Navamsha d-9 Moon is 3rd  lord of self efforts posited in 10th house of profession. Moon is aspect by Saturn retro from 8th house giving strength because it is aspect to Moon which is posited in its own sign in 10th house. Moon is  also  aspect by 8th and 11th lord Jupiter retro from 2nd house. Moon has got double strength by aspect from its friend Jupiter from 2nd house. In Dashmansha d-10  Moon is 7th lord of position conjunct with exhalted Venus 5th and 10th lord. Since Moon Mahadasha lord   in its mahadasha will keep BJP in center and  it will rule in many states. Moreover BJP  is getting full support of powerful horoscope of PM Narendrta Modi.

 Anter Of Saturn: Anter of Saturn in 8th and 9th lord posited in 3rd house of velour and self efforts conjunct with retro Mars, retro Jupiter ,Rahu.There  is excellent Parashar Rajyoga of 9th lord Saturn with 10th lord Jupiter is forming in the  house of self efforts. Mars 11th lord of gain will increase the potency of this Rajyoga. Saturn retro is 3rd and 4th lord from Moon lagna posited in 10th from Moon lagna with Jupiter 5th lord and Mars Moon sign lord in 10th from Moon lagna. Here also 4th lord Saturn retro from Moon lagna is conjunct with 5th lord retro Jupiter in 10th from Moon sign. In Navamsha chart d-9 Saturn retro is posited in 8th house as 9th and 11th lord Yogkarka for Taurus   lagna in navamsha d-9.Satrun in 8th house aspect to Mahadasha lord Moon in 10th house in sign of Saturn .Retro Saturn is 3/11 in relation to Mahadasha lord Moon  in Navamsha d-9.In d-10 Dashmansha retro Saturn in lagna lord and 2nd lord well placed in 5th house.

Pratyaanter Lord Mercury from 18-10-2022 To 8-1-2023: Pratyanater lord Mercury is posited in 9th house of luck as lagna and 4th lord. Conjunct with ketu and aspect by retro Saturn, retro mars, retro Jupiter, from 3rd house in Rajyoga which will help the momentum of voter of Gujarat and   Himachal Pradesh in favour of BJP.Mercury in navamsha d-9 in lagna is posited as 2nd and 5th lord well placed. In d-10 Dashmansha Mercury as 9th lord of luck is posited in 10th house of wining election  and gaining position against its competitor AAP  and Congress-I .It is conjunct with Jupiter 3rd lord of efforts and velour.

Coming Pratyaanter Of Ketu From 8-1-2023  to 10-2-2023: Coming Pratyaanter lord ketu is posited in 9th house with  Mercury lagna and 4th lord. Ketu sign despositor is Saturn retro posited in 3rd house aspect to natal pratyaanter lord ketu . Ketu is also aspect by retro Jupiter 10th lord,  Mars retro 11th from 3rd house. Ketu is forming the result of excellent Rajyoga for  BJP in coming time.Ketu is posited in d-10 dashmansha in 3rd house of valor and self efforts with 10th exhalted Venus and 7th lord Moon.It is  aspect by 11th lord retro Mars from 8th of sudden gains.

Transit: Saturn is in transit in 8th house aspect to 10th and natal Sun which is 3rd lord of efforts. Sun is also 10th lord from Moon lagna.

Jupiter in  10th house in Pisces sign over natal Sun  3rd lord in exchange with 10th retro Jupiter in 3rd house.

Double transit of Bhrigu is fully applicable here with karam karka or planet of profession Saturn is aspect to 10th house. Jeev karka Jupiter is in 10th house .


Congress-I : Congress-I has Pisces lagna with lagna lord Jupiter retro in 4th house aspect by 6th and 8th lord Sun and Venus respectively in 10th house making   it week permanently .

Present Vimshotari Mahadasha And Anter-Pratyanater running at the  time of assembly election of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Jupiter-Rahu-Rahu From 9-10-2022  To  17-2-2023

Mahadasha of Jupiter: Jupiter mahadasha lord is posited in 4th house retro aspect by Sun and Venus 6th  and 8th lord respectively. It is Mahadasha of retro Jupiter[4-3-2009  to 3-3-2025] in which Congress-I has witnessed its worst down fall.Now Jupiter Mahadasha has entered in Mahadasha Chhidra in which one mahadasha is ending and another mahadasha will start[in case of congress-I saturn mahadasha will start form 3-3-2025].Whenever there is Mahadasha Chhiddra is in action it is very sensitive time. Since Jupiter is aspect by Sun 6th lord of fight, disease, trouble and Venus 8th lord of mrityu or death, disgrace will stick to Jupiter retro in its Mahadasha .Jupiter retro in Navamsha d-9 chart is posited in lagna conjunct with retro Mars[lagna and 6th lord] which is in aspect by retro Saturn 3rd and 4th lord and Moon 9th lord of Navamsha d-9  from 7th house of death[marakah bhav] will give bad result to congress-I in  present running election of Gujarat and  Himachal Pradesh

Anter Of Rahu From 9-10-2022  To 3-3-2025:The anter will give  very bad result  to congress-I .Malikaarjun khadgae  has become new President of Congress-I.But he can”t replace the icon personality and impression of Rahul Gandhi .If Rahul Gandhi has become President of congress-I it has been much better. Rahu anter lord is posited in 7th house of death or marakh bhav with ninth lord moon. Congress-I will more supportive to minority community .Rahu is posited from moon lagna  which is  3rd lord of self efforts from itself.Rahu sign despositor is Mercury posited in 9th house unaffiliated has sign with Moon  .Rahu in d-9 Navamsha  posited in 8th house of disgrace and obstacle. Rahu is aspect by retro Mars from as lagna and 6th lord of Navamsha d-9.Saturn retro also aspect to Rahu in retro motion from 6th house.Sign lord of  Rahu is Mercury debilitated in 5th house of emotion. Rahu in Dashmansha D-10  is  in 7th house with retro Saturn 10th  and 11th lord conjunct with Moon  4th and aspect by Venus from lagna of d-10 dashmansha .Congress-I will not win  satisfactory  seats in Gujarat and Himachal assembly election.But in future it will remain main opposition party replacing AAP/  Arvind  kejriwal,Nitish Kumar JDU,and Telangna KCR  in South.

Rahu Pratyanater same as anter lord .

Transit: Saturn  transit in 11th house from lagna and in 5th house from Moon lagna. In Ashtakgvarga Capricorn in 11th house has 31 points good points .But Saturn is not aspect to 10th house and 10th lord from lagna and moon lagna.No good prospects to gain desirable  seats in Gujarat  and Himachal  assembly election.

Jupiter is  in lagna  in Pisces sign afflicted due to transit over natal ketu in lagna. Jupiter at the  time of assembly election will aspect natal 10th Mercury from Moon lagna.

Double transit of Saturn is activating lagna and Jupiter is in lagna mean something is happening to lagna some disease or trouble. Same transit 7th  house is activating which marakah bhav or death inflicting from Moon lagna by transit Saturn and Jupiter.


AAP   :AAP  chief Arvind kejriwal is struggling hard in Gujarat to win some comfortable seats.AAP  has Capricorn lagna  with lagna lord Saturn in 10th house conjunct with retro Mercury and Venus forming good Rajyoga in 10th house. By its chief Arvind Kejriwal is running into very bad time in his horoscope  .Lets comes AAP party horoscope for timing results it possibility to win seats in Gujarat  and Himachal  Pradesh.

Venus-Jupiter Rahu From 29-10-2022 To 24-3-2023

Mahadasha of Venus: Mahadasha lord Venus is Yogkarka for Capricorn lagna conjunct with Saturn lagna  and 2nd lord and Mercury retro 6th and 9th lord.From Moon lagna this combination gives  a bad picture. Venus 2nd and7th   lord conjunct with 3rd and 6th lord Mercury with Saturn 10th and 11th lord. Venus is prime Markesh conjunct with 6th lord Mercury tends give AAP  legal trouble in present and in future. Venus is d-9 Navamsha posited in 6th house of disease and trouble ,court cases. Venus is 10th lord of d-9 Navamsha d-9 conjunct with 6th and 7th lord Saturn and Ketu in 6th house. In turn Venus is aspect by debilitated Mars from 12th house will give very less chances to win in Gujarat assembly election due to tarnishing image on legal ground in Delhi of Arvind Kejriwal.

Anter Of Jupiter From 23-7-2020  To 24-3-2023  :  Jupiter is negative planet for Capricorn lagna posited in 5th house conjunct with ketu aspect by 8th lord Sun from 11th house. Jupiter being 12th    lord will give  loss to AAP  in  present coming assembly election in the  state  of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Jupiter is in 6/8 relation with Mahadasha lord Venus. Venus –Jupiter will give disease trouble and loss  as research done by my  teacher K.N.Rao.  Jupiter is well posited in 11th house as 5th and 8th lord. Jupiter lordship as 5th is not good for competing election of Gujarat  and Himachal  Pradesh.5th house is 8th from 10th house of profession which represent loss in election. Jupiter in d-10  dashmansha  Jupiter in 3rd house of efforts  exhalted as 8th and 11th lord give boost to AAP  party to fight  in unfavorable circumstances. Jupiter is conjunct with ketu aspect Venus lagna and 6th lord .Mars 12th lord also aspect  natal Jupiter .So mostly 3rd ,6th ,8th ,12th house signification is coming in dashmansha chart not favorable of winning assembly election of states.

Pratyanter Of Rahu From 29-10-2022 To 24-3-2023 .Rahu Partyanater lord is posited in 11th house of gain with 8th lord Sun .Jupiter 3rd and 12th lord aspect this combination of Rahu in 11th house.Rahu sign despositor is Mars posited in 12th house of loss. Rahu pratyanter dasha lord is not favorable of AAP  to grab the assembly seats from BJP  in Gujarat and Himachal  Pradesh.But this is  sure it  will replace congress-I in Gujarat and become  second largest  party in Gujarat assembly election.

Transit :Saturn  Transit In lagna Capricorn aspect to 10th house and 10th lord Venus.

Jupiter  is in 3rd will not aspect 10th house and 10th lord  from lagna

Double transit of Bhrigu is not applicable to AAP  party horoscope.