Russia –Ukraine Conflict In Aggressive Mode In Future With Retrogression Of Mars On 30-10-2022

Russia –Ukraine Conflict In Aggressive Mode In Future With Retrogression Of Mars On 30-10-2022

Russia –Ukraine war has taken serious turn  with Russian installed official  kirill Stermousov died in car crash in Kherson, which Russian state news agencies have reported .According to the  local media ,the accident happened near Henichesk in the Kherson region. Russia is on back front in Kherson occupied by Russia in Ukraine which is attacked by Ukraine soldiers.

After iran admitted supplying drones to Moscow’s  military,Russia powerfull security council secretary Nikolai Patrushev holds talk with official in Tehran, including  President Ebrahim Raisi.

Russian Ukraine war is  due to retrogression mars on 30-10-2022 has taken aggressive turn due to  above two incidents.

What the worse will  happen  between Russia Ukraine war will analyze from horoscope of Russia, Ukraine .Russian president Vladimir Putin, Ukraine president Volodmyr  Zelensky  .?


Russia: Russia has got virgo lagna with lagna lord mercury posited or placed in 9th house with 12th Sun. Russian aggression with other countries is happening due to this combination of lagna lord mercury conjunct  with 12th lord Sun. Saturn retro is conjunct with Moon and Rahu in 5th house shows excellence in technical education and also gain of Foreign Exchange exporting petroleum and gas to other countries .Aspect of mars 8th and 3rd lord on 10th house shows presence of dictatorship tendency of Pre Soviet Era in present Russia.

Russia Present Vimshotari Mahadasha –anter and pratyaanter dasha for timing event where this devastating war of Russia with Ukraine will turn in future

Rahu-Moon Venus From 29-9-2022  To 29-12-2022

Rahu mahadasha lord is  posited in 5th house conjunct with retro Saturn 5th and 6th lord ,moon 11th lord. Rahu is not praised in 5th house conjunct with sign lord retro Saturn and moon because it will lead to aggression in mind and emotions..Saturn sign lord of Rahu is also 6th lord which denote fight specially border fights. conjunct with 11th lord moon will give gain of some land of Ukraine after war. Rahu in d-9 navamsha again 5th house aspect by mars 4th lord [land] and also 11th lord which indicate gain of land after violence and war. Mars is also karka for war and violence aspect mahadasha lord Rahu in 5th house. Rahu sign despositor is venus in 10th house aspect Jupiter 12th lord of navamsha d-9 indicate involve in foreign land in war.12th house also represent loss of money and asset.

Moon Anter Lord :Moon is 11th lord of gain in 5th house of emotion and mind conjunct with Rahu and retro Saturn also 6th lord[war] indicate gain through war. Moon  is very bad paapkatri with retro Saturn behind degree wise and Rahu ahead eclipsing Moon .Moon is 7th lord  from itself which indicate war.[7th house represent open war]. Moreover Saturn Saadhsati is running over natal anter lord moon in which transit Saturn  is over natal Moon. Moon is d-9 Navamsha chart  is posited in 4th house as 7th lord with 3rd  and 12th lord Jupiter aspect by Venus 5th and 10th lord indicate war with neighbor countries like  Ukraine. Since Jupiter is 12th lord conjunct with Moon Russia will have to incur loss in capturing land of Ukraine.

Pratyaanater Of Venus: Venus pratyaanter lord is posited in 8th house as 2nd and 9th lord. Planets in 8th house indicate lot of trouble and problem as we have noticed that Russia is suffering heavy causality in Kherson region in Ukraine  .This is due  to faulty planning of Russian counterpart in plan to occupy  whole of Ukraine or to retain Kherson and other region of Russian occupied Ukraine. Venus is also prime maarkesh for Virgo lagna due to  its lordship of 2nd house. In navamsha  d-9 chart Venus is in Paapkatri with ketu and Mars ahead and Sun is in 12th  house . Venus is opposing Jupiter 12th lord and is bitter enemy  Moon 7th lord for Capricorn lagna. Saturn retro also aspect Venus  which is lagna lord navsmsha d-9 chart.Saturn retro is providing  power of Russian top leadership to tackle Ukraine –Russian war

Coming Anter Of Mars From 26-1-2023  To  13-2-2024

Anter of Mars is very provocative for Russian top leadership because Mars is 3rd and  8th lord aspect to 10th lord with Jupiter posited in 10th house. What does this combination of Mars indicate.?  Mars is 8th lord and 3rd lord which represent neighbor countries [Ukraine] posited in 7th house which represent open war. Mars  also represent violence ,army ,bloodshed ,in 7th house of war. Russia –Ukraine war will take serious turn in anter of Mars in the  horoscope of Russia. Mars in d-9 navamsha chart is 4th  [represent  land] and 11th lord [gain] conjunct with ketu indicate gain of land  war by Russia from Ukraine


First we will take transit of Mars presently in Gemini retro from 30-10-2022 then change sign to Taurus  on 13-11-2022

In Taurus  Mars retro in the  horoscope will transit on lagna lord Mercury and 12th lord Sun which will aggrevate the war scenario between Russia and Ukraine  .It will aggrevate Russian aggression against Ukraine in present running war.

Saturn is in Capricorn in 5th house over natal Moon and retro Saturn and Rahu will sustain Russia in war against Ukraine  but Saturn will change sign on 23-1-2023.It will enter Aquarius in 6th house which represent war ,fight with Ukraine.

Jupiter is in 7th house over natal Mars which is karka for violence and also natal 3rd and 8th lord which represent with neighbour  countries [Ukraine]

Horoscope of Russian president Vladimir Putin DOB:7OCT1952,TOB:14:21,POB:SANKT-PETERSBURG,RUSSIA

Russian president Vladimir Putin has got Scorpio lagna with lagna lord in 2nd house  which is aspect by retro Jupiter from 6th house shows aggression which Russian president has got in his personality .

Timing event on Russian Ukraine war in the  horoscope of President Vladimir Putin

At present Russian President is running Vimshotari Mahadasha-anter-pratyaanter of Mercury-Mercury-Jupiter from 9-9-2022  To 4-1-2023

Mercury Mahadasha  lord 8th  and 11th lord  is posited in 12th with Venus 7th and 12th lord aspect by retro Jupiter 2nd and 5th lord from 6th house of war. Mercury Mahadasha lord Mercury is posited in Rahu nakshatra which posited in 3rd house of valor and self efforts.This is why  Russian President Vladimir Putin is single handed controlling and supervising the Russian military invasion on Ukraine. Mercury is 8th lord in 12th house forming Vipreet Rajyoga .As 8th lord with lot of  obstacles and troubles ,  Russia will face in this war. But it will win gain some land of Ukraine  due to  11th lordship of mercury which represent gain  in the  horoscope of President Vladimir Putin. Mercury is 4th and 7th lord in 8th house in Navamsha d-9 chart aspect by Saturn from 6th house of war. Moon 5th lord also aspect to natal Mercury.    

Mercury Anter lord Same As Mahadasha  Lord

Pratyaanter lord Jupiter in 6th house of war will not give desired result to President Vladimir Putin.

Coming pratyaanter of Saturn from  4-1-2023  To  24-5-2023

Saturn Pratyaanter  lord is 3rd [self efforts and velour]and 4th lord in 11th house of gain with 10th lord Sun .Malefic are good in 11th house. He will gain in this period. Saturn pratyaanter lord in navamsha d-9 chart is in 6th house aspect to natal Mars form 3rd house or Saturn and Mars both are in mutual aspect to each other.

Transit Of Retro Mars  In  The Horoscope Of President Vladimir Putin.

Mars will enter in 7th house of open war in Taurus  sign on natal Moon on 13-11-2022 .It will aggravate war mood president Putin against Ukraine  .Moon is karka for mind  and Mars is for  violence  and aggression.


Ukraine: Ukraine has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord Saturn retro posited in lagna with 7th lord Moon. At present Saturn in transit is in Capricorn lagna over natal Saturn and 7th lord Moon will give Ukraine lot of confidence to fight against Russia. But with the change of sign of transit  Saturn in Aquarius  on 23-1-2023 will change the scenario of war in favour of Russia.

For timing event in Russia –Ukraine from Vimshotari Mahadasha-Anter-Pratyaanter From  The Horoscope  of Ukraine,

Jupiter-Venus-Jupiter From 22-10-2022 To  1-3-2023

Jupiter is 3rd  and  12th lord posited in 8th house conjunct with Sun 8th lord, Venus retro 5th and 10th lord, Mercury retro 6th and 9th lord. Jupiter lordship is bad lordship for  Capricorn lagna.It has given two result to Ukraine 1st immense foreign help in form of Arms and Ammunition from America and NATO  allies as 12th lord. Same 12th lord Jupiter has destroyed whole of Ukraine in Russian invasion.[12th house represent loss and destruction].Jupiter in Navamsha d-9 chart in lagna same as 9th and 12th lord with 6th lord of war retro  Mercury aspect by Mars planet of violence and destruction.

Anter lord Venus: Venus anter lord Is posited in 8th house with Jupiter , retro Mercury and Sun .Jupiter Venus –Venus Jupiter in Vimshotari dasha scheme are periods  of suffering .Venus is in nakshatra of Ketu placed  in 6th house of war.So anter of Venus will totally shatter and destroy Ukraine in this war against Russia .Venus in d-9 navamsha chart in 2nd and 7th double maarkesh conjunct with Ketu and aspect by retro Saturn from 12th house of loss.

Present Pratyaanter of Jupiter from 22-10-2022  To  1-3-2023

Same as Mahadasha lord Jupiter.

Transit of Mars when it will enter  Taurus  on 13-11-2022 form here it will aspect 8th house of fatality where natal Venus ,Mercury retro, Sun ,Jupiter are posited.

Transit Saturn:

Saturn will  enter Aquarius sign on 23-1-2023 will change the scenario of war of  Ukraine against Russia.

Jupiter transit: Jupiter  transit in Pisces sign in as Jeev according to Bhrigu astrology aspect by natal retro Saturn from lagna and natal mars karka for violence. Jupiter is receiving the aspect of two malefic indicate hardship for Ukraine.

Both transit Jupiter and transit Saturn in the  horoscope  of Ukraine aspect to 7th house of open war indicate fierce battle with Russia.


Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky: Ukraine President has Taurus  lagna with lagna Venus in 9th house aspect by Mars retro ,Moon from 3rd house and conjunct Sun 4th lord. Saturn retro also aspect to lagna.

Timing event President Volodymyr Zelensky through Vimshotari Mahadasha –Anter-Pratyaanter Dasha.

At present  Volodymyr Zelensky is running in dasha  Moon-Saturn-Saturn from  3-10-2022 to2-1-2023

Mahadasha lord Moon: Moon Mahadasha is conjunct with retro Mars 12th lord in 3rd house of neighbor countries [Russia] is aspect by Sun and 6th Venus [war].Moon is in Nakshatra Ashlesha of Mercury is  in Gadaant Nakshatra .Mercury is posited in 8th house of destruction .Moon is  in d-9 navamahsa  in 6th house of war aspect by 6th lord retro Saturn from 9th house and retro Mars 8th lord from lagna.It looks from the  horoscope of President Volodymyr Zelensky will not stop here.

Anter of retro Saturn :Anter of retro Saturn in very provocation for Ukraine President  Volodymr Zenlensky due to  9th and 10th lordship .Saturn is posited in magha  nakshatra  of ketu  [Gadaant Nakshatra ] which is posited in 11th house of gain. Saturn is 7th and 8th lord from natal Moon lagna. Saturn position in 4th house indicate  war fought on issue of land. In navamsha d-9 Saturn retro is posited in 9th as 5th and 6th lord aspect to its own 6th house of war and dispute .Saturn is conjunct with Rahu and aspect by retro Jupiter from 3rd house of neighbour countries as 4th [represent land]and 7th [represent war]lord .Note both Moon Mahadasha lord and anter lord Saturn retro are 2/12 to each other which represent trouble and obstacles.

Pratyanater of Saturn : Same as anter lord.

Coming pratyaanter of Mercury from 2-1-2023 to  25-3-2023

Mercury is 2nd and 5th in 8th house of  death and disgrace and trouble aspect by 8th and 11th Jupiter from 2nd house. Mercury pratyaanter will be very troublesome for President Volodmyr Zelensky. Mercury in navmaha d-9 is posited  in 2nd house as lagna lord of Navamsha d-9.Mercury is aspect by  Venus 2nd and 9th lord and Sun 12th lord from 8th house . clearly 8th and 12th house influence over lagan lord mercury of Navamsha d-9. So there  will be  aggrevation of war between Russia and Ukraine  will put president Volodymr Zelensky  in great  trouble..  

Transit Of Mars In Taurus: Mars transit in Taurus  in lagna of President Volodmyr Zelensky  will give aggressive mood to deal with its enemy Russia.

It is clear there  will lot of blood shed in coming time with transit of Mars in Taurus  

According  the  horoscope of Russia ,President Vladimir Putin , Ukraine ,President Volodymr Zelensky