Cristiana Renaldo Fever In Football World Cup 2022

Cristiana Renaldo Fever In Football World Cup 2022

Widely regarded as best footballer of world is again in picture in the  latest world cup started on 20 11-2002 in Qatar .Cristiana Renaldo  will be hottest sensation in this latest world cup



Cristiana  Renaldo playing  for his country Portugal. Cristiana Renaldo was born 5-2-1985 ,5:25 am,funchal Portugal .He has Sagittarius lagan with lagna lord Jupiter placed in second house with Sun 9th lord and Mercury 7th and 10th lord aspect by Moon from 8th house and Saturn 2nd and 3rd lord from 12th house. There is excellent Rajyoga in second house of wealth with Sun 9th lord [trikona lord] and Mercury 10th lord [Kendra lord ] with lagna lord Jupiter. Rising navamsha d-9 chart has Gemini lagna with lagna lord Mercury  in 11th house of gain indicate huge wealth which footballer Cristiana Renaldo has earned by playing football.10th lord Jupiter in 9th house aspect by 9th lord  Saturn in 3/9 axis indicate an  excellent Rajyoga for Cristiana Renaldo in navamsha d-9 chart.

1]Starting his sporting  career with sporting CP, before signing with Manchester United in 2003

Timing through Vimshottari mahadasha-anter  in 2003 ketu-Sun from 24-12-2002 to 1-5-2003

Mahadasha of ketu:Ketu mahadasha lord is placed in 11th house of gain. Sign despositor  of ketu is Venus which is aspect to 10th house of profession .Ketu is d-9 navamsha chart is posited in lagna aspect by Moon 2nd lord of finance and sign despositor of Ketu is Mercury posited  in 11th of gain which shower wealth on Cristiana Renaldo from this period .

Anter of Sun :Sun anter lord is 9th lord of luck conjunct with 10th lord Mercury with lagna lord Jupiter aspect by 3rd lord Saturn from 12th house indicate career in sports  in abroad . Sun in  navamsha chart d-9 is 3rd lord of sports activities in 2nd house of finance shows wealth earned from sports. In dashmansha chart it is  6th lord in 2nd house which shows the zeal with which he plays football and earned money from it.

Transit Saturn was in Taurus  sign in 6th house aspect to 3rd  house of sports.

Jupiter on the same date was Gemini aspect to 3rd house valor and self efforts related to sports.

At present he is running in  Mahadasha of Venus – Saturn -Venus from 16-5-2022 to 25-11-2022 at time of FIFA world cup 2022.

Venus Mahadasha lord is posited in  4th house in Pisces  sign exhalted conjunct  with Mars karka for sports .Venus is 6th [fights related with sports]and 11th lord of gain with 5th and 12th lord Mars in 4th house aspect to 10th house of profession. Venus in d-9 Navamsha chart in posited in 4th house but in depilation with mars which is 6th  and 11th lord concerned with sports .Debilitation  of Venus is not good for Cristiana Renaldo till it is in Mahadasha . Venus position is improved in d-10 dashmansha chart placed in 11th house with exhalted Mars,Rahu,Mercury.In dashmansha   chart d-10 Venus is 3rd lord concerned with sports activities in 11th lord of gain  with exalted Mars karka for sports .Mars is 9th lord of luck exhalted in 11th house of gain with Mahadasha lord Venus.

Anter of Saturn :Saturn anter  lord is 2nd and 3rd lord for Sagittarius lagna posited in 12th house of foreign land indicate prosperity in  abroad  from birth place. Saturn as 3rd lord shows sports activities abroad with excellence ..As 2nd lord in 12th house  indicate earning money from foreign land. Saturn aspect to second house on Jupiter, Mercury ,Sun, which forming Rajyoga in 2nd house of money indicate earning money to sports .Saturn position in navamsha chart d-9 is good in 3rd house. Saturn is 9th lord of luck in 3rd house of sports aspect by 10th Jupiter will excells his performance in FIFA  World Cup 2022 in Qatar .Saturn in  dashmansha chart –d10 is placed in 6th house of fight and spirit of sports with 5th lord Moon  will let him earn lot of money and position in present World Cup. Saturn is 11th lord of gain and also 12th which represent gain in foreign land………

Pratyaanter of Venus same as Mahadasha lord.Note position of Venus  from anter lord Saturn is 5-9 in birth chart,2-12 in d-9 navamsha chart,and d-10 dashmansha chart which indicate struggles in present FIFA world to attain good position for his country Portugal.

Present running varshphal of 38th  year of Cristiana Renaldo

Cancer lagna is risng in the  horoscope  of Cristiana Renaldo which is 8th house of birth chart. Eighth  represent sudden gain which is indicated by present running varshphal.Lagna lord 38th year varshphal Is placed in 9th house of luck in Pisces sign.Muntha is placed in 7th house with own house Saturn conjunct with Sun 2nd lord and mercury 3rd and 12th lord. This combination indicate gain of money [ Sun as 2nd lord],with Mercury as 3rd lord indicate sports and played in 12th house which is  foreign land.

Applying birth Chart mahadasa and anter of venus -Saturn of birth chart on present running varshphal.

Mahadasha  of Venus: Venus mahadasha lord is 4th and 11th lord of gain in 6th house of sports spirit with 10th lord Mars conjunct in 6th house. In d-9 progression navamsha chart Venus Mahadasha lord is posited in 2nd house debilitated  aspect by Saturn .Here Venus is 3rd and 10th lord concerned with career in sports activities ,debilitation of Venus is not good .

Anter of Saturn:Anter lord Saturn Is posited in 7th house as 7th and 8th lord conjunct with Sun and 2nd lord and mercury 3rd and 12th lord. All these indication indicate average  performance of Cristiana Renaldo in FIFA world cup 2022 at Qatar .

Pratyaanter Of Sun From 22-11-2022 To   22-1-2023

Sun pratyaanter  lord is posited in varshphal in 7th house as 2nd lord with Saturn combusting Saturn  badly. Mercury and Muntha is also posited with pratyaanter lord  Saturn  .Sun will give good result to Cristiana Renaldo specially gaining of wealth  from overseas but it will difficult time for him to make his country Portugal win in this FIFA World Cup. Transit Saturn in 2nd house in Capricorn over natal Jupiter,Mercury,Sun combination in his horoscope .Saturn aspect to 10th lord Mars and 11th lord Venus from Moon lagna indicate gain money wise. His performance will be average.11th lord Venus will give  name and fame  activated by transit Saturn