original bhrigu Samhitas reading-33

Bhrigu Muni is conversing with his son Shukracharya ji


The native born with such planetary combinations is having average luck. She is blessed with good virtues .She must be of medium build with soft and healthy skin. She remains a point of attraction for people. She is efficient and hard working and performs her duties very perfectly.She can enjoy all prosperity of life but can not enjoy all these things due to her last birth karmas[deeds] Male members [like father and brother] of her family can get trouble due to her last birth deeds. Lack of family happiness can be seen in the horoscope. If she will do the salvation of her last birth deeds definitely she will get some relief and can lead a happy and successful life. Some auspicious occasions can also take place in her life after doing salvation. If she will devote herself towards God and will visit pilgrimages  she can enjoy all  luxuries and prosperities of life.She can perform multiple work at a time very efficiently after doing salvation because she will get mental peace. She  can construct a new house or can earn gain from land or property.


She was born in a king’s family and had all the luxuries and prosperity of life .She was very beautiful and charming personality and became very egoistic due to her beauty. She was married to a very nice and caring person but she never respected him and disobeyed his orders. She was involved in wandering here and there and very careless about her household responsibilities. Due to her harsh behaviour her husband got upset and gave her a curse ;-“ you will not remain happy because you have ignored me and my family  Me and my family loves you so much but do not value our love’’


Bhrigu Muni  is advising some remedies .To repent her last birth deeds the native must perform some pooja [ prayer] .Establish an image or idol of lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi on a wooden platform or at your worship place and chant the following Mantra 1008 times;


After completing this mantra she should perform Havan [ offering prayer to God in front of fire] and feed the Brahmins and needy persons and donate Shayya daan[ beddings like mattress , bed sheet, quilts, pillow etc. ]

After completing these remedies she will definitely get relief in her life and all her wishes will be fulfilled and in her next birth she will born in a very well to do family


From one to five years  ; First year from birth was good , no physical problems occurred but in the second and third year the native faced some paediatric problems like fever, acne, diarrhea etc. In fourth and fifth year the native enjoyed playing with her peer group and the child grew up normally.She was very fond of playing.and her parents enjoyed her and felt happy.

From six to nine years gains can be seen in the native’s house. It was a good time for the family.It was a gainful period for the father ,and luxuries and comfort were increased day by day during this period. She had an attractive and charming personality during this time.

From ten to fifteen years gains and expenditures remained parallel . Loy of happiness ,luxuries and prosperity can also be seen in the native’s house. Monetary gains specially can be there during this period. All her wishes were fulfilled.

From sixteen to twenty one year the native can be attracted towards someone. She was very perfect and also got good results from her efforts.,but also can get some problems in her relationship due to her last birth deeds.Aggression can also be seen during this period in native’s nature.

From twenty one to thirty years an increase in fortune can be seen . At this time she got the results of her own efforts.Some  auspicious occasions also took place.Many expenditures and gains  occurred during this time. Some hurdles also came but vanished after some time

From thirty one to forty years  she will get results of her efforts and will be satisfied, but according to the family point of view she will not be satisfied. She can face differences of opinion with her male opponents. Bhrigu Muni is advising the native to not to conceive during this period because this is not a favourable period for the child.

From forty one to fifty years  she will get good results and achieve good position and respect in her social circle. A visit to any pilgrimage will be beneficial for her. She will enjoy all luxuries of life like vehicles, house ,servants etc.

From fifty one to sixty years she will lead a peaceful and happy life .She must devote herself towards God.

After sixty years her attention will be diverted towards the spiritual side and will do a lot of charity work and will lead a happy life.