Home minister Amit shah-mission west Bengal.

Home minister Amit shah-mission west Bengal.

Previously I have written  an article on Home Minister Amit Shah as Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel of India .HM Amit Shah  is  in the same row of Sardar Vallabh Bhai  Patel in  establishing BJP  rule all over India one by one .Now in this series he is  in mission to win west Bengal and establishing BJP  rule their present ousting  CM Mamta Banerjee   from  West Bengal.The latest series of clash between T rinmool congress and BJP in west Bengal leading  BJP  by even mean wants to establish its government in west Bengal .Latest entry of Subendu Adhikari i into BJP by leaving Trinmool Congress leads  to demoralizing Trinmool Congress by latest visit of HM Amit Shah in West Bengal  on 19-12-2020. Assembly election in West Bengal is due in mid of year 2021.

Question is this whether HM Amit Shah  will be successful in his mission West Bengal to make BJP a comfortable win in West Bengal?. For this we are doing partial analysis of horoscope of HM Amit Shah  to win mission in  west Bengal .

Horoscope of HM Amit Shah

Horoscope of HM Amit shah

HM Amit Shah was born on 22-10-64,5-24hrs,Bombay with Virgo sign rising in lagna .Malefic in house 3,6,11 are good according to Maharishi  Parashar.HM Amit Shah has Saturn retro in sixth   house will destroy his enemy .Debilitated mars is good in eleventh house. Eighth lord Mars is  in debilitation in eleventh house is also good. In Navamsha d-9 Gemini sign is rising which is tenth house of birth chart. It indicates  high rise in life.

HM Amit Shah  Vimshotari dasha at present Rahu-Mars from 29-10-2020 to 17-11-2021

Mahadasha of Rahu: Rahu mahadasha lord is in tenth house in Gemini sign forming Raj –Yoga combination for HM Amit Shah;s .Rahu  depositor  sign lord is mercury which is  in second house in libra sign   with twelfth lord debilitated sun .This is weak  combination with twelfth lord gives lot of hurdles and obstacles in life in Mahadasha of Rahu. Aspect of mars from eleventh house give same result. But this result has been modified in navamsha d-9 Rahu in posited in fifth house in libra sign aspect by eleventh lord mars from tenth house shows immense  gain in its Mahadasha with obstacles and hurdles. Rahu natal depositor in Navmasha D-9 is venus in sixth house with two malefic  Saturn and sun .Saturn   is in ninth lord of luck  and sun is third lord of efforts. It has been visible how many efforts HM Amit shah has done to establish BJP  with PM Narendra  Modi in india.

Mars  Anterdasha: Mars anter in mahadasha of rahu is watchful for HM Amit shah due  to sequence  of Mars in Mahadasha of Rahu. Mars is chiddra anter or ending anter in rahu mahadasha before start of Jupiter mahadasha  on 17-11-2021. Mars is eighth  lord of change in eleventh house debilitated.Their two signification of positive of mars according to Maharishi Parashar one is debilitated eighth  lord which give victory  over enemy. As explanation  of debilitation of eighth  house weaken  bad signification of eighth  house. Other  good signification of mars is that as malefic is  good in eleventh house. But note debilitation of mars is not cancelled. But position  of mars improves in d-9 navamsha  its is eleventh lord of gain in tenth house of profession gives victory  and defeats  enemy. In d-10 dashamsha  mars in second and eleventh lord in third house of valor which  is visible in  horoscope of HM Amit shah .His nonstop  travelling in west Bengal  doing regular rallies  there  has put fear in  mind of CM  Mamta Banerji to lose west Bengal power .But HM Amit shah will debacle CM  Mamta benerji from west Bengal in next assembly election.

Varshphal of HM Amit shah: In this present varshphal Capricorn lagna is rising with lagna  lord Saturn in own house. Capricorn is fifth house one of  Lakshmi Sthan good house of birth horoscope. In varshphal Capricorn lagna Saturn is in own house will give name and status to HM Amit Shah.


Imposing Mahadasha of Rahu  and present anter of mars  of birth chart. Rahu  Mahadasha lord is placed in fifth house its natal depositor  venus is in eighth  house, the house of  secret planning .HM Amit shah is planning hard secretively   to win west Bengal assembly election. Anter dasha lord mars which is  running from 29-10-2020 to 17-11-2021 .Mars is anter lord is placed in third house as forth and  eleventh lord of gains. Third house represent hard work and valour .As malefic are good  in 3,6,11 so mars with its strength in third house and as eleventh lord of gain going to give HM Amit Shah rewards of his hard work in west Bengal     .


Fifty seventh year varshphal  has  year lord as mercury in tenth house of profession with Sun since mercury is afflicted by aspect of  mars from third house reduces the negative impact of sun. Mars is eleventh lord of gain aspect ninth lord mercury in tenth house..Muntha is in fifth house with Rahu and Muntha pati  is venus in eight house of planning and secrecy. HM  Amit shah is planning secretively from last  year to win west Bengal .Janam  lagna pati is also mercury posited in tenth house. Varsh lagna pati is Saturn which is lagna lord of varshphal is positive sign for HM Amit shah .Saturn is placed in lagna will give him strength and valor to counter CM Mamta Banerji.


Sudershan chakra

Sudershan chakra in very simple manner. First year represent fist house ,second year represent second house so on keep on counting up to twelfth house .Then   thirteen year comes to lagna  fourteen year comes to second house and twenty forth comes to twelfth house .Twenty fifth year again lagna like this keep on progressing ]

From lagna :From lagna progression of fifty seventh year comes to tenth house of profession .Here Rahu is forming Raj Yoga .Its natal depositor is mercury placed in second house with debilitated sun and aspect of mars from eleventh house. Mercury is under influence of hard core malefic .Sun twelfth lord debilitated shows travelling with trouble and hurdles .But aspect of debilitated mars on mercury shows wins in these hard efforts done HM Amit shah.

Sun lagna: From sun lagna progression of sudershan chakra reach to tenth house in fifty seventh year. Tenth house has debilitated mars exchange house  with moon .Tenth lord moon is aspect by Saturn yogkarka  for libra sun lagna .So this year will be very hard for HM Amit shah but he will definitely win his mission west Bengal with lot of hard efforts. Moon tenth lord is also aspect  by ninth  lord mercury lord of luck from sun lagna and also sun, which is eleventh lord of gain from itself.

From moon lagna :From moon lagna fifty seventh year comes to tenth the house of karmas or profession. Here tenth lord Saturn in eleventh house indicate gain in mission Bengal. Aspect of mars on tenth house as eighth  lord shows efforts done secretly to establish  BJP in west Bengal.

Transit :Saturn the planet of K arma in Bhrigu astrology is in  fifth house in transit , aspect tenth lord mercury in second house. In Bhrigu astrology Saturn is  in transit in fifth house  aspect from  natal mars from eleventh house of gain .Natal depositor of transit Saturn is natal Saturn in horoscope of HM Amit shah is in sixth house destroying his enemy.

Jupiter  is in transit  in Capricorn in fifth house the planet Jeev represent soul in Bhrigu Astrology is in tenth house  from moon lagna .In  Bhrigu astrology  Jupiter is  in transit in fifth house  aspect from natal  mars from eleventh house of gain give gain in mission west Bengal to HM Amit shah .Natal depositor of transit  Jupiter is natal Saturn in horoscope of HM Amit shah is in sixth house destroying his enemy .