Economic Crises  In Great Britain

Economic Crises  In Great Britain

A week ago Bank of England took a stab in dark. It raised interest rates by a relatively modest half a percentage point to tackle inflation .It couldn”t know the scale of storm that was about a week less than 24hrs later ,the government of  [note this article was written before UK prime minister liz truss resign on 20-10-2022]new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss unveiled its plan for biggest tax cuts in 50years ,going economic growth but blowing a huge hole in the nations finances and its credibility with investor. People of Great Britain demanding back Rishi Sunak as finance minster to bring back economy of Great Britain on right track


First see Nav Samvatsar of 2079 [2022-2023 ]for Great Britain on 1-4-2022,7:24:20 hrs London,England

With Aries lagna risng with Rahu posited in lagna and lagna lord Mars  afflicted in 10th  house conjunct with Saturn 10th and 11th lord .

Some important points for Nav Samvat 2079 [2022-2023] of Great Britain

1]Aries  lagna rising which is 8th house of natal birth chart of Great Britain. This combination is ominous for Great Britain.

2]Lagna has first rate malefic rahu posited  in lagna.

3]Lagna lord mars thought exalted in 10th house  conjunct with its enemy Saturn.

3]This  year king is celestial cabinet is Saturn and minister is Jupiter. Both are afflicted with Saturn is opposed by Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius sign  is opposed by  Venus .

4] 10th lord Saturn is afflicted.

5] Two luminaries Sun and Moon both are afflicted in 12th house and also aspect by Saturn form 10th house.

6] 10th house has two malefic Saturn and Mars which indicted illusion in implementing  economic policies for vote bank policies in England by prime minister Liz Truss.

7] Second house and 11th house of finance both are afflicted due to  conjunction of Venus with 12th Jupiter in 11th house .11th lord Saturn is afflicted due  to conjunction of   8th lord mars. Two bad houses  12th and 8th lord has influence over the house of finance 2nd and 11th house. 

Now comes to vimshotari mahadasha,anter,pratyaanter of nav samvatsar 2079 for England

Mercury-Mercury-Rahu 23-9-2022

Mercury  Mahadasha lord is 3rd and 6th lord totally combust in 12th house conjunct with 4th and 5th lord Moon and Sun. Mercury is also in debilitation .In the Mahadasha of 6th lord borrowing will increase  that will result in more debit on Great Britain .Moreover Mercury is debilitated in 12th house of loss.  Losses are more  than earning or profit that will result difficulty in repaying  of loan .In whole of Nav Samvat 2079 of Great Britain Mercury will remain influencing the finance of Great Britain and its is debilitated so result in wrong taxing policy of Uk Prime minister Liz Truss. Mercury mahadasha lord is 12th lord , the lord of of loss money in d-9 navamsha chart and is badly afflicted by aspect of two malefic  planets Saturn and Mars .

Mercury Anter Lord:Same As Mahadasha Lord

Pratyaanter dasha lord Rahu:Rahu is posited in lagna in kritika Nakshtra whose lord is Sun is in 12th house, the house  of loss or more expense then income. Rahu sign despositor is mars exhalted  and afflicted in opposition from Saturn .Rahu is posited in 2nd house from moon sign which rule finance of any country. Malefic in 2nd house and affliction  of 2nd lord will result in down fall in finance of any country like what is  happening in case of Great Britain in Pratyaanter of Rahu. With the start of pratyaanter of Rahu news flashes in all over news media about falling financial condition of Great  Britain .Rahu is posited in 6th house in Navamsha d-9 chart which will result in borrowing of funds from IMF and world bank.

Coming Pratyaanter Of Jupiter From 2-2-2023 to 21-3-2023:[note in this prtyaanter next coming prime minister who take the seat of ex prime minister liz truss will not able to recover great Britain from present running economic crises ]Jupiter pratyaanter  dasha lord  9th and 12th lord in 11th house conjunct with venus 2nd and 7th lord. What so ever earned by public of great Britain will finish  off due to  high inflation .Jupiter pratyaanter lord is in 12th house from natal Moon lagna with 8th lord Venus from Moon lagna indicate loss of money to high inflation and inaccurate tax rebates giv0en by Uk Prime Minister Liz Truss for vote bank politics to earn vote from  people of Britain in next coming general elections  in Great Britain. More loss and fragile economy due to  high inflation means borrowing of money from IMF.



Birth Chart Of Great Britain: Great Britain has Virgo lagna with lagna lord Mercury posited in 3rd house aspect by Mars 3rd and 8th lord from 8th house,lagna has got ketu also aspect by retro Saturn from 12th house as 5th and 6th lord. Three hardcore malefic Ketu, Saturn ,Mars  has an effect on lagna lord Mercury and lagna.

Present running Vimshotari Mahadasha –Anter-Pratyaanter for timing event of economic  fall down of Great Britain.

Rahu-Mercury-Jupiter From 21-9-2022  TO 24-1-2023

Rahu Mahadasha lord is posited in 7th house in Nakshatra of mercury which is afflicted by Mars from 8th house and in sign of Jupiter posited retro in 11th house. Rahu is posing to double maarkesh for Virgo lagna of Great Britain. First ,Rahu is in 7th house is 1st rate maMarkesh for Virgo lagna .Then sign despositor of Rahu is retro Jupiter exalted in 11th  aspect by 8th mars own house in aries  which signifies economic slow down in Great Britain. From moon lagna sign despositor of Rahu is Jupiter is aspect by 12th lord venus from 8th house which indicate loss  of economy. Rahu’s  position in navamsha d-9 chart is afflicted by aspect of two malefic , Mars from 6th house and  sign despositor of Rahu is retro Saturn  debilitated in 12th house aspect to Rahu in 9th house.

Mercury anterdasha lord  is posited in 3rd house aspect by Mars from 8th house one of the Trikh house and Trikh lord.Mercury in  6th house from Moon lagna and Mars 6th and 11th lord Mars aspect from 11th house from moon lagna.See impact of 3rd ,6th and 8th house signification is attached to lagna and lagna lord Mercury from birth chart and Moon lagna.Mercury mahadasha lord is posited in 9th house unaffiliated in navamsha d-9 chart .In dashmansha chart d-10 Mercury is debilitated as 9th and 12th lord with 10th Moon.

Jupiter Pratyaanter Lord Is Operating From 21-9-2022 To 24-1-2023

Jupiter Pratayanter Lord is exhalted in 11th house is 4th and 7th lord prime maarkesh [death inflicting planet]can cause enough harm to falling economy of Great Britain. Jupiter is extra powerful due to retro as 7th lord in 11th house will reserve the result of  earning  capacity of Great Britain . Moreover Jupiter aspect by 3rd and 8th lord Mars from house of death 8th house. Jupiter is again 7th and 10th lord from Moon lagna in 2nd house aspect by 6th and 11th lord Mars from 11th house. Jupiter in Navamsha chart is 8th and 11th lord badly afflicted in Mars –retro  Saturn opposition in 6/12 axis of loss.

Coming Pratyaanter Of Retro Saturn From  24-1-2023 To20-6-2023

Coming pratyaanter of retro Saturn in 12th as 5th  and 6th  lord will provide heavy losses and rising inflation in Great Britain. Retro Saturn as 5th  lord  which is 8th house from 10th house will result in slow down of economy of Great Britain. As 6th lord it will put pressure on UK Government to borrow loan form IMF which is meant for south Asian and African world for their development .As occupation of 12th retro Saturn  it will result in devaluation of pound against American dollar and as a currency it will become more weak in financial world which raise massive inflation in Great Britain.

Thirty  Six Year Cycle Mahadasha Of Yogini

At present Mars mahadasha lord is operating form 29-9-2020  to 29-9-2024 .Mars is 3rd and 8th lord in 8th house aspect to lagna lord Mercury in 3rd house. signification of 3rd and 8th house are coming into picture. Both are malefic house of Mars and Mercury lagna lord is posited in 3rd house. Mars Mahadasha lord is badly afflicted in Navamsha d-9 chart in opposition to retro Saturn retro in 12th house. Affliction to Saturn retro in 12th house opposition from Mars 7th and 12th lord and 8th lord Jupiter indicate irrational decision taken  by UK Prime Minister Liz Truss to cut down taxes on general public of Great Britain .

222 Year Varshphal For Great Britain.[FROM 2022-2023]


Gemini lagna rising which is 10th  house of natal horoscope .Lagna lord  Mercury in 8th conjunct with 8th lord is not good

Important points in running varshphal

1Lagna lord Mercury in 8th house with 8th lord Saturn and 2nd lord of finance moon in not good for financial prospect for Great Britain.

2] 11th lord Mars of earning in 6th a Trikh bhav [bad house ]will decrease the earning possibilities of Great Britain.

3] Year lord Saturn in 8th house with lagna lord Mercury and 2nd lord Moon.

4] Muntha is with 10th lord Jupiter is some well placed but afflicted from aspect from malefic Mars from 6th house. Muntha lord Saturn in 8th house is  a bad house.

5] Janam lagna pati and Varsh lagna pati,Trirashi pati is  Mercury again afflicted in 8th conjunct with 8th lord Saturn.

Varsh Phal For 223  Year Which Will Start From 3-1-2023 To 3-1-2024

Leo lagna risng which is 12th house of natal horoscope which represent loss due to  rising inflation which increase due to  less tax collection by Liz Truss Government which giving high rebates on taxing from  general public .British currency  pound becoming weak against American dollar Is  also factor which will activate the 12th signification of varshphal in birth chart.

Some important Points  In Coming Varshphal  For Great Britain  In 223 rd Year.


1]Year lord is Mercury is retro in 5th house under malefic influence of retro Mars and Sun. Mercury retro in 2nd and 11th  lord which represent economical condition of Great Britain indicate fluctuating    financial condition.

2]Muntha and Muntha Pati Jupiter  in 8th  house afflicted due  to aspect of Saturn from 6th house .

3] Janam lagna pati lord is Mercury which  will give same result as year lord.

4]Varshlagna pati and Trirashi pati  is Sun afflicted in 5th house by aspect of retro Mars from 10th house .It also shows religious violence in Great Britain.[It is due to retro Mars as 9th house lord ship  and its aspect Sun lagna lord]

5]   Dinaratri pati is Venus afflicted in 6th house due  to conjunction with Saturn 6th lord.

So all parameter in  coming Varshphal is bad for Great Britain which indicate very high inflation and   fluctuating economic condition which will not improve in coming year of 2023  to 2024


Saturn will enter Aquarius sign  on 23-1-2023 from here it will aspect 12th house of loss

Jupiter will enter Aries  sign nearly in April 2023 from it will aspect 12th of loss in birth chart of Great  Britain for year

This is very bad time for Great Britain financially for a year or Great Britain will suffer heavily due   to  great depression economically which is coming in future due to  war between Ukraine and Russia.