Solar Eclipse  On 25-10-2022  And Its Impact On World

Solar Eclipse  On 25-10-2022  And Its Impact On World

Partial solar eclipse is taking place on 25-10-2023 at 16-49-20 to17-42-43 in Libra sign and Swati Nakshtra.This solar eclipse is visible in Europe ,SouthWest Asia,North-East Africa, Atlantic region.

This rising Solar eclipse has great impact on western countries specially Europe ,including Ukraine and Russia in which heavy war is going on from 24-2-2022.

For assessing the rise of great economic depression which is gripping Europe and  whole of the  world due to ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia due  to rising of price of oil product by OPEC which will be  responsible for rising high inflation all over the  world.

For assessing the impact of Solar Eclipse  on world we have to study the horoscope of Russia, Vladimir Putin Russian President ,Ukraine ,America ,President Joe Biden,China ,Pakistan [due to terrorism]who give shape to the  world politics of every country.


Russia: Russia has Virgo lagna and lagna lord Mercury is posited in 9th house with 12th lord Sun. Present rising partial Solar Eclipse is rising in Libra sign in Swati Nakshtra in 2/8 house in 2/8 axis .This Solar Eclipse is also covering the Venus sign lord of second house posited in 8th house.This partial solar eclipse is also aspect by transit Saturn  in Capricorn. Russia is also running Rahu-Moon Venus Vimshotari dasha from 29-9-2022 to 29-12-2022.From Bhrigu Astrology  point of view,this Solar eclipse is aspect by 5th and 6th lord natal Saturn form 5th house. Natal Mars 3rd and 8th lord from 7th house. Venus is posted in  8th  house who  is sign despositor of Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022.Natal Jupiter 4th and 7th lord also aspect this Solar Eclipse from 10th house. Due to these malefic influence  of Saturn retro,Mars, Venus from 8th  house and Jupiter 7th lord Maarkesh from 10th house indicate that this war will take a nasty turn due to  the influence of Solar Eclipse which is occurring in 2nd  house which is maarakah house for Russia. Venus sign lord of sSolar Eclipse in 8th house which indicate heavy losses to Russia in this war which  will be compensate by selling oil and natural gas to India and China by Russia..


President Vladimir Putin :Russian president Vladimir Putin has  Scorpio lagna and Solar  Eclipse of 25-10-2022 will occur in 12th house over natal Venus and Mercury in 6/12 axis.This Solar Eclipse is occurring in 6th house from natal moon sign. Solar Eclipse occurring in 6/12 axis from lagna and natal moon sign is ominous .At present President Vladimir Putin is running Vimshotari Mahadasha of Mercury-Mercury-Jupiter from 9-9-2022 to 4-1-2023 in his birth chart.Solar eclipse has influence over Mahadasha and anter lord Mercury in 12th  house conjunct with 12th lord Venus. Solar  Eclipse of 25-10-2022 will aggravate  the anger of Vladimir Putin  over Ukraine due to  aspect of transit Saturn over this Solar eclipse from 3rd house in Capricorn sign .Mercury is conjunct with Venus and aspect by retro Jupiter from 6th house and in this axis of 6/12 no malefic planet  is aspect to combination of partial Solar Eclipse .So he will win  Russia –Ukraine war as Mercury mahadasha lord and anter lord is 11th lord of gain in 12th house of foreign land .He has already win in  September 2022,   territories of Ukraine .In mahadasha of Mercury –Mercury-Saturn from 4-1-2023 to 24-5-2023 he [Vladimir Putin ]will be more successful in occupying more territory of Ukraine .In other words Solar Eclipse has positive impact over Russian president Vladimir Putin in future.


Ukraine: Ukraine has Capricorn lagna with lagna lord retro Saturn is posited in lagna with Moon 7th lord.In coming time Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022 will be taking place  in 10th house in libra sign. Solar Eclipse is aspect by natal retro Saturn from lagna will increase the zeal of Ukraine to fight back with full force against Russia with the support of America and NATO  allies. With retrogression of Mars on 30-10-2022 over natal Ketu this war of Ukraine with Russia  will take a dangerous turn more bloodshed will take place .The danger of nuclear fight between Ukraine supported America and its NATO  allies with Russia will arrive. But nuclear war will not take place. But this Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022 will not be positive for Ukraine. It will  put more hurdles in way of  Ukraine top leadership  to take positive decision to end this war. Ukraine is running  in Vimshotari Mahadasha of Jupiter-Venus-jupiter from 22-10-2022 to1-3-2023.Anter lord Venus is affected by this Solar Eclipse because it  is occurring in Libra sign of Venus.In coming pratyaanter of retro Saturn  from  1-3-2022  to 2-8-2023 heavy loss will be suffered by Ukraine .


America: America has got Leo lagna and lagna lord Sun posited in11th house conjunct with Venus,Mars,Jupiter and aspect in turn by its bitter enemy Saturn 6th and 7th lord form 2nd  house .This combination will result is earning through selling weapons of mass destruction .Since lagna lord is posited in 11th house of expansion with three planets it will always progress. .Present partial Solar Eclipse is taking place  in Libra sign in Swati Nakshatra in 3rd house of self efforts and sign despositor of Solar Eclipse is Venus posited in 11th house  nearly conjunct with Jupiter 5th and 8th lord .At present America is running in Vimshotari Mahadasha –Anter and Pratyaanter of Rahu-Jupiter-Sun from 3-10-2022 to16-11-2022.See Venus is influencing  Jupiter due to nearness to Jupiter degree wise which is 5th lord which represent children ,education ,birth rate,educational facilities in arts. All forms of national pleasure ,enjoyment, entertainment theatre ,cinema halls etc.will be influenced by Solar Cclipse which is positive in nature. Since this solar eclipse is in sign of Venus which  is posited in  5th house form natal Moon sign which indicate growth of these sectors .This is positive influence of Solar Eclipse.

Now come to negative side of Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022 .As this eclipse is happening in 9th house for natal Moon sign which is also aspect by Saturn which is 12th lord from Moon sign and is also in transit in 12th house from natal Moon sign aspect to Solar Eclipse happening in 9th house from  natal Moon indicate America involvement in  war in foreign land [Ukraine -Russia]will go intense .America is going to enter in pratyaanter of Moon form 16-11-2022 to 28-1-2023 in anter of Jupiter and in Mahadasha of Rahu.Moon is 12th lord in 7th house of war. Twelfth house indicate  war losses by America in coming time in Ukraine –Russia war.All help provide by America to is form of weapons and war technology to Ukraine will go waste due to  Pratyaanter of Moon in coming time.Which will be active by coming Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022.


President Joe Biden:USA president has Scorpio lagna with lagna lord Mars posited in 12th house with 8th and 11th lord Mercury aspect by 9th lord Moon in 6th house. Present Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022 is happening  in 12th house in Libra  sign and Swati Nakshatra over lagna lord Mars. Nakshatra of lagna lord Mars is also Swati. This eclipse is happening in  12th house and 12th lord Venus is conjunct with Sun 10th lord in lagna .Venus sign despositor of Solar Eclipse is afflicted in Sun and Saturn retro opposition in 1/7 axis/also this Solar Eclipse is happening in 7th house from moon lagna. All this combination is indicating President Joe Biden is committing a mistake in the  past and in future in dealing  Ukraine and Russia war.He will not get enough success in war front by supplying weapons to Ukraine .He will take controversial  decision due to  the effect of Solar Eclipse .Coming election in U.S.A his party will not perform well due  to the effect of Solar Eclipse of 25-10-2022 which is occurring in 12th house of loss and embracement .His policy foreign policy to deal with Pakistan and India by supporting Pakistan against  India will not be successful. As he is running Vimshotari Mahadasha-Anter –Pratyaanetr of Saturn –Saturn –Saturn  from 21-9-2022 to14-3-2023 which maarkesh mahadasha for Scorpio  lagna.Coming pratyaanter of Mercury 8th and 11th lord conjunct in 12th  house with lagna and 6th lord Mars will give the result of Solar Eclipse


China:China has got Capricorn lagan with lagna lord in 8th house and lagna has got Moon aspect by debilitated Mars.Recent eclipse of 25-10-2022 is occurring in 10th house over 10th lord Venus is ominous for top leadership of China. Solar Eclipse in aspect by natal mars and natal Saturn indicate something big will happen in mahadasha -anter-Pratyanter of Mercury-Venus -Venus from 17-2-2023  to 8-8-2023 .It may involve  Taiwan aggressively giving challenge to America .It may also raise small conflict in Indo China Border.


Pakistan:Present Solar Eclipse is taking place  in 1/7axis of Pakistan over Libra sign over natal Jupiter. Pakistan has been released from FATF gray list. Pakistan is running Vimshotari Mahadasha -anter-pratyaanter  of Venus –Saturn -Moon from 16-8-2022 to27-11-2022 Since this pratyaanter of Moon 4th lord which has provide relief to Pakistan from America but this relief is short  lived .As pratyanter of Rahu is approaching 27-1-2023  to 20-7-2023.The negative effect of solar eclipse will felt over financial condition of Pakistan in Pratyaanter of Rahu posited in 2nd house. It will squeeze the financial condition of Pakistan.There  may be riots in Pakistan due to  financial instability